Internationally recognized TEFL/TESOL

Training certified by the International TEFL Training Institute (ITTI). For more information about our course accreditation …


The most frequently chosen TESOL/TEFL certificate courses are offered as four-week, 120-hour,intensive courses in an on-site classroom setting with teaching practice with real EFL students. This is great for those who want to study in one of our worldwide training locations under the supervision of an experienced TEFL trainer. For those who cannot attend a center full time, we offer a combination of an on-line/on-site training. You can also take the course 100% on line. Besides the standard TEFL/TESOL certification, we offer specializations in Teaching Business English, Young Learners and TOEFL Preparation (academic testing).


Our Course Offerings

Onsite TEFL Certification

120 Hours

The entire four-week course takes place in one of the many TEFL training centers. Students learn everything with a trainer face to face. The program comes with daily practical teaching of non-speakers of English for three weeks. The TEFL trainer observes the classes and coaches the prospective teacher to higher levels of performance.
Total Fees : 1600 $

Combined TEFL Certification


This program has the same content as the on-site program. The theory of teaching English is studied on line with a tutor. Upon completion, students go to the TEFL training center for seven days and practice teaching under supervision of an experienced TEFL trainer. These days will schedule during weekends .
Total Fee : 1300 $

Online TEFL Certification


You can start this program any time and work at your own pace. The materials of course are same as onsite and combined options . Course Fee : 500 $

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Dec 5th – Dec 20thMorning   9-1Afternoon 2-6
Jan5th – Jan20thMorning   9-1Afternoon 2-6
Feb 6th – Feb 20thMorning   9-1Afternoon   2-6
March 5th – March19thMorning    9-12Afternoon   2-5