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TEFL in Dubai

Covid-19 Pandemic Offer

In order to meet all of our trainees’ needs during the Covid-19 pandemic , we offer the 120 hour TEFL/TESOL courses as flexible as following, it can be easily tailored based on your time and budget:

Option 1

Self-Study the course materials and passing the online assessments
Fee: 250$

Option 2

Self-study the course materials guided with trainer through WhatsApp and Email , online assessments
Fee: 350$

Option 3

Online course 8 hours with trainer in Zoom and online assessments
Fee: 580$

Option 4

Full time 2 weeks course and online assessment ( you can choose all the sessions online or onsite or combined)
Fee: 1300$

All of the above options include course material, online assessments and 120 hours TEFL/TESOL certificate from USA and VAT.

For the ones who would like to apply for teaching Job in Dubai , the certificate will be issued from KHDA upon the request and with 30$ additional fees.

Upcoming Class Dates

  • 1-14 September
  • 15-28 September
  • 1-14 October
  • 15-28 October
  • 1-14 November
Join us for our TEFL course in Dubai. International TEFL Training Institute is located in Business Bay,a central business district with numerous unique skyscrapers.

It’s accommodated in a supermodern, 20-storey office building overlooking Downtown Dubai with the spectacular view of the iconic tower,Burj Khalifa. The ground floor of the building houses many stores and restaurants. In addition to large green areas, there are many facilities including hotels, food courts, fitness centers, and many shady areas in the neighborhood.

Many schools and universities begin in August or September, so spring and summer are excellent times to look for jobs in Dubai. In general, job vacancies are available throughout the year.

Teachers in Dubai can expect to make US $3,000 – $3,500 tax free per month with benefits, including airfare to and from the assignment, health insurance and furnished housing. Dubai receives a high number of English teaching inquiries due to the fact that Dubai is known for a fantastic assortment of shopping, dining entertainment attractions and its cosmopolitan reputation as a center of trade, finance and tourism.

Because the UAE is considerably smaller than Saudi Arabia and a coveted destination for foreigner teachers, the job market is extremely competitive. Most schools have a preference for experienced teachers with advanced credentials.

In general, teachers are interviewed and hired in advance from their own country and have their visa processed prior to their departure for their teaching destination. To receive their visa, teachers should expect to pass a physical and an HIV test. In many cases, academic transcripts and a criminal background check are also required. The visa application process takes anywhere between 1 and 3 months. Despite the UAE’s reputation for relative liberalism, teachers must be prepared to respect traditional Arabian and Islamic customs.

Dubai has emerged as one of the most modern cities of our times. It has numerous places to visit and unique buildings to see. Be it be a heritage site, the Al Fahidi District, the Dubai creek, the landmarks such as Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, the Palm, the Atlantis, Ski Slope, the theme and beach parks or the unique nature reserve among others. The choices are plenty. Rest assured that you will wish to come back again to Dubai to explore its many sights.

Dubai Weather

Dubai has a tropical desert climate because of its location within the Northern desert belt. Summers are extremely hot, humid and very dry, with an average high around 40° C (104° F) yet usually higher than 40, and overnight lows around 30° C (86° F). The highest recorded temperature in Dubai is 48.5° C (119° F) on 27 July, 2012. Throughout the year, most days are sunny. Winters are warm and short with an average temperature of 23° C (73° F). The temperature falls to 14° C (57° F) at night. Precipitation, however, has been increasing in the last few decades. The weather in Dubai can bring short and irregular rainfall as is typical for the Middle East. Most of the rainfall occurs in the December-to-March period. The weather between December and March remains warm and is considered the most comfortable throughout the year.

It is not my first time to attend a professional development course, I have lots of experience attending different courses and workshops. But I confidently can say that iTTi Dubai team are really committed and dedicated to providing the best training courses, especially their combo course!

Saba Qaiser

July 2019

The course was designed according to the strategic approach to help teachers how language skills improve the classroom management and quality of teaching . This great opportunity is equally beneficial for all teachers including those who are teaching other subjects.

Syeda Talat Pasha

June 2019

I am honored to be part of the training, with a unique training techniques with emphasis on practical teaching which is exactly what I was looking for. The highly knowledgeable and professional instructor was a real life example and motivation to me. I highly recommend the training centre!


September 2018

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